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ABOUT  TCP- "A or B or P"

Below is some general information including but not limited to the pricing mechanism of Limousine as one of the charter services licensed to serve the public..
We may be able to shop and reserve Limousine Service for you for any occasion or event; and, we don't charge you anything for our services, but for the fare you pay for the transportation. Now, if you have the time, you may shop for yourself using the directory for your particular area or community. NOW........

CAR-FOR-HIRE are "Transportation Charter Party Carriers of Passengers" - TCP.  In California, only luxury sedans or stretched sedans with a passenger capacity of  nine (9) persons are classified as limousines. All limousine operators must first obtain proper licenses from the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) before operating: limousine operating license number designated as TCP-####-P (or A or B) may be seen visibly painted (as required) on the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle, on their business cards, fliers, and any form of ad.
          Now, before you engage the services of a limousine company you may want to verify the license with the PUC. As with any industry or business, the transportation industry has its share of "bandits" or "unlicensed individuals and corporations" posing as legitimate companies before an unsuspecting public. Limousine services offered by "Bandit" operators are dangerous and must be avoided. Remember, Limousine Service is a pre-arranged charter service in which the customer is in control. You as a diligent customer must do your very best to always verify the authenticity of the license before using any limousine company;
Or, let us do it for you, since we have the time assist anyone.

  Capacity $ Per Hour Min. or $ Per Mile Min.


  SEDAN 4 $  45.00 2 hours   $  3.50 10 mil.  
  STRETCH 6 $  65.00          
  STRETCH 9            
  SUPER-STRETCH 10-14            
  ULTRA-STRETCH > 15            

 REMEMBER, each limousine service offered and or taken is an arrangement agreed upon by both parties (the limousine service provider and the customer) for a a duration of time for dollars (as in, $$ per hour) or on the basis of Mileage (as in, $$ per mile); or a combination of Time and Mileage depending on your itinerary or stops (waiting time) you wish to make. They cannot quote or charge a fixed (flat) fare or charge or per person fare. And, NOTE that each Limousine Service is for the use of the whole vehicle by the one party who chartered the limousine.

 For instance, Limousine charges must be in terms of $$ per hour per vehicle or $$ per mile per vehicle or a combination of both: all fares and charges are negotiable and there are no authorized tariffs, but the terms of payment must always and only be on the basis of time or mileage or a combination of both  (time and mileage). NO Limousine or any charter service provider is authorized to charge a Flat-rate fee/fare for service; i.e., no limousine operator must offer services such as follows:

say service from LAX to Downtown LA = $$ ) !!
......that is a flat-rate service and is absolutely prohibited.

Ask the  CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (PUC) - License Section ; or call the PUC at (415) 355-5547.  YOU ARE IN CONTROL as you pay for Time or Mileage. Anyone can use a limousine! They take you directly to your home or business or wherever you want within the state.
All limousine operators with the proper operating authority (license) know how to quote the fares (charges) based strictly as described above.  Any carrier that charges otherwise (Licensed or Not) is an illegal (or Bandit) operator; that is, an operator  operating beyond the scope of its authority, and a possible danger to the public. NOTE, if an operator ignores one rule he/she is more likely to ignore other safety (or pricing) rules. 

In California, "share-ride" Shuttles also known as Passenger Stage Corporations are licensed (granted a "certificate of public convenience and necessity (CPCN)") to operate at the public's convenience.  A shuttle operator is one has prepared and filed a formal Application, gone through the rigors of the application process and has been qualified or authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission to serve a specific route or operate between specific points.
          All Charter Party Carriers of Passengers (TCP) are required to post their License Number in a prescribed manner:
TCP - # - letter designation of (A) or (B) or (P), etc, denoting the type of service the carrier is authorized to provide. Because TCP does not have specific service points or tariffs they can take you anywhere in the State and change their negotiable Rates at will prior to each service: terminate service under inhospitable situations.         
          For information about California TCP licenses, you may  contact the PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (PUC) - License Section
at (800) 877-8867. OR LET US HELP YOU!
          Regarding airport shuttle services, you may also call the airport's "Landside Operations Unit (the department that controls ground transportation at the airport)" of the respective airports for safety concerns they might have about any carrier that serves the airport. With shuttles, Safety and the proper application of the fares is always of concern: some carriers may risk passenger safety in traffic or operate uninsured equipment or use unqualified drivers, on the one hand, or charge fares not authorized in the Tariff, on the other hand.

 This webpage has been published to assist you and any member of the public learn more about shuttle services, find and reserve properly licensed shuttle services, and to encourage shuttle companies to operate properly and safely.
WE encourage you to make your RESERVATION on this web site; we take care of all the arrangements and provision of proper service for you for no additional charge to you.  Remember, we help license some of the best companies that serve the public today: this company has been formed by a former regulator with public safety and fare market practices in mind.









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